CBEE has established collaboration with researchers in Behavioral and Experimental economics in many Thai institutions.

Kiriya Kulkolkarn, Ph.D.

International labor, Developmental economics

Phusmith Mahasuweerachai, Ph.D.

Behavioral Economics, Nudge, RCT

Suparee Boonmanunt, Ph.D.

Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Environmental Economics

Sinad Treevanchai, Ph.D.

Behavioral Economics, Public policies

Tirnud Paichayontvijit, Ph.D.

Behavioral and Experimental economics, Public policies

Peera Tangtammaruk, Ph.D.

Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics, Health Economics

Tanyamat Srungboonmee, Ph.D.

Labor economics, Wages, Inequality, Economic mobility

Boonwara Sumano, Ph.D.

Social investment, Labor economics, Corruption, ASEAN, Political economics

Kannika Thampanishvong, Ph.D.

Behavioral economics, Economics of Climate Change, Natural Resources Economics

Chatchai Chatpunyakul, Ph.D.

Organisational behavior and consumer behavior in sport